• 1slide - Portable Projectors
    Ultra portable planetarium projectors were created specifically for mobile fulldome projection in planetariums and other domed based theaters.
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  • 2slide - live-observatory-planetarium connection
    NEW feature:

    Emerald™ planetariums also offers a complete
    Live-Observatory-Planetarium connection

    For the first time - the visitors can make new astronomical discoveries inside the planetarium!

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  • 3slide - FIXED Projectors
    Fixed planetarium projectors, designed and built with emphasis on education as well as entertainment usages, with a plug-n-play approach. With up to 5D capabilities & resolutions up to 8K x 8K.
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  • 4slider - Domes
    Variety of inflatable-portable and fixed planetarium domes - a perfect fit for any planetarium needs...
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  • 5-Slider Astro-Edu network
    Astronomy Materials
    We are pleased to announce the launch of the Astro-Edu network, a free state-of-the-art astronomy education database for teachers, students and the general public. Enter the databse now - and learn how to implement many great ideas in astronomy at the classroom, with your new EMERALD planetarium!
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