Live-observatory-planetarium connection

Live-observatory-planetarium connection [L.O.P.C]


"For the first time - the visitors can make new astronomical discoveries inside the planetarium!"


Our complete remote robotic telescope systems, can send live deep space images - directly into the planetarium dome!

The unique live-telescope system, developed by the Bareket observatory and Emerald™ planetariums  

serves institutions such as JPL, Berkeley, and NASA.






Today's computer technology, modern optics, and electronics offer an opportunity to provide you with access to research quality telescopes in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

Offering Live planetarium sessions with real space images, taken live during the planetarium session.

The planetarian can track an Asteroid, take a snap shot of a nebula and even create an extra solar planet light curve.

Rosetta nebula

Image: the Rosetta nebula, taken using the robotic telescope system




How does it work?


Emerald™'s "live-observatory-planetarium connection" [L.O.P.C] is the 1st planetarium system which enables live-imaging presentation of the night sky in fulldome technology.

The robotic telescope is a fully remote controlled telescopic system, enabling direct control, or autonomous operation ('tour') by premade scripts.
The system consists of a highly sophisticated telescope system that can be controlled from any place connected to the Internet, using the Emerald™'s RDC-PLUS remote.

internet telescope15 m3 cluster

The planetarium operator has the ability to capture the celestial object of interest,

while presenting it in the planetarium in its full glory - LIVE. All by a push of a button.


Movie: NASA 'Voyage into Deep Space' Live Webcast with Sonification


The L.O.P.C system starts a new era in planetarium presentations, while allowing real hands-on experiments

and astronomical research as an integrated part of the planetarium shows.

For the first time - the visitors can make new astronomical discoveries inside the planetarium!





Equipment & requirements


Emerald™'s "live-observatory-planetarium connection" [L.O.P.C] consists of three main elements:


1. Emerald™ Remote controlled telescopic system: Robotic observatory. Can be located at the local planetarium's facility, or in a remote location

2. Emerald™ digital projection system : Fulldome planetarium system

3. RDC-PLUS : Control unit. Enabling live-observatory-planetarium connection, via our remote-control system


The Emerald™ planetarium's team will conduct the installation of all the components in your facility and offers 24h telephone & online support.





Example Media


A. Examples for students research projects via the Emerald's L.O.P.C

B. Images and videos which demonstrate the power of Emerald™'s "live-observatory-planetarium connection" [L.O.P.C]


 The flame nebula


Hubble NGC2261

 Hubble nebula NGC2261



The Ring nebula


moon bareket 05092014

The Moon


pluto color bareket

Pluto Animation



Movie: Comet C2009 P1 Garradd Auto-tracking








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