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Emerald™ planetariums also offers the revolutionary 

Live-Observatory-Planetarium Connection



Our complete remote robotic telescope systems, can 

send live deep space images - directly into the planetarium dome!



Our unique telescopic system serves institutions such as JPL, Berkeley, and NASA.






The EMERALD™ LITE is a digital All-sky projection system, designed for use in portable planetarium domes

Portability, ease of use & plug-n-play operation are key elements of the new exciting series.

We truly believe that the EMERALD™ LITE is the best portable planetarium projector available on the market (and our customers do to!).

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Using high-performance projectors combined with EMERALD's amazing optics, our systems produce seamless, sharp, and color-rich planetarium images with the easiest-to-use and most reliable operating system.

Here are some of the EMERALD™ LITE advantages:



- Elite performance: The EMERALD™ LITE is the state-of-the-art projector of portable planetariums, adopting aerospace principals

- Active cooling systems (primary & secondary) : Keeps the projection system cooler and enables optimal operation in hot environments as well

- High end Fisheye lens: Includes our enhanced MgF2 optical Coating. Our optics enable a ~180 deg projection angle, a true planetarium experience

- Superb projection: Bright and high contrast images

- Powerful super fast computer: provides extremely high capabilities

- Sound system: Blue-tooth-Audio powerful system available

- Lightweight Aluminum hard-case: light, strong with internal wiring. No need to mess around with cables in every setup. Plug-n-play device! [super-quick setup & take-down]

- Remote-Dome-Console (RDC): an intuitive and Gesture-Friendly User Interface. You can walk all around the dome while controlling the EMERALD™ computer's powerful features with the tip of your finger

- Space-saving: The EMERALD™ LITE fits easily into your trunk

- Premium quality

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Image: the Emerald™-LITE shipping box, ready to be delivered to another happy customer




- Free planetarium shows: 19 planetarium fulldome shows are included. Additional planetarium shows available for purchase

- Powerful software: Enjoy a world wide network of software engineers, researchers and educators who are constantly working in order to enhance your planetarium experience

- Cloud based content: The software enables you to share planetarium scripts (full narrated shows) with the global planetarium network! For free. Since the software is open source - you can install it on virtually any local work station, in order to experiment before conducting the live planetarium shows and even let your students try it out

- Free software updates: We make sure that your planetarium content is always updated. You can download free updates whenever they become available

- Creativity & Variety: The Emerald planetarium users have the ability to create, download and share virtually any type of dome content (Astronomy, Oceanography, Geology, Ecology and more...) - all for free! These are narrated fulldome shows


Engaging: The included planetarium software is powerful and easy to use. It contains spectacular images and offers engaging-informative tours of the night sky. The software was made for professional planetariums.


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And more...

- Three-Year-Limited-Warranty

- Attractive price: the Emerald LITE system is the most versatile system available today, offered for the most competitive price

Custom exempt: the Emerald line of products should be custom free in EU and US. Contact us for further information



 The EMERALD™ system is more than a planetarium


This digital immersive theater not only will be an invaluable resource for exploring the night sky, it will transform learning across disciplines.


Classes in Neuroscience can dive into renderings of brain scans. Biology students will be able to 'travel' through the human cells, geology classes could travel over maps and canyons while superimpose updated satellites information.

In the humanities and social sciences, students could tour ancient cities or visually display and manipulate large demographic data sets exploring the evolution of trends, such as immigration or housing prices.


Music classes will be able to use the space to translate sound into visual images (2). Art students can explore sculptures and buildings from different perspectives.

In astrophysics - a class could ‘fly’ through the Milky Way, learn about the spectral type of a given star and land on the Lunar surface or instructors could patch in data from space probes and project images from their landing sites on other planets or moons.


For archeo-astronomy, the sky could be reconfigured to match positions of the stars and planets at any point in history, to observe how sites like the Egyptian pyramids or Mayan temples were aligned with the stars and planets, at the time of their construction. 



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