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Discover the universe and share your Planetarium view with the global community 


- Enables to travel within our Solar System AND entire known universe

- Includes High-Resolution data sets of the Earth, solar system and Deep-Space objects for incredible detail

- The software is Intuitive, Powerful and Easy to use




We offer sophisticated, detailed and up-to-date High-Detailed content to the Emerald™ users; 

Emerald™ users enjoy free updates and unlimited downloads of virtually any topic of interest. 

Use the built-in shows - or create your own planetarium shows (Tours), while embedding animations and your custom narration. You can also download and share shows with the global planetarian community. 








main features 

Up to 210 million stars - using a Trillion pixels interactive view!


The included planetarium software is powerful and easy to use.

It contains spectacular images and offers engaging-informative tours of the universe,  from the Milky-way to distant Galaxies.

The software was made for professional planetariums.


Every EMERALD™ planetarium system includes a full library of shows (ready-to-play scripts) from many fields of interest.  

A cloud-based user experience employs powerful, everyday tools to analyze and visualize complex datasets.


- Catalogues with up to 210 million stars
- Asterisms and illustrations of the constellations
- Constellations for different cultures
- Images of nebulae (Messier,NGC,IC objects and more)
- Realistic Milky Way
- Very realistic atmosphere, sunrise and sunset, the planets and their satellites

- Yes, Emerald's planetarium software also supports AVM! (database currently contains 7000+ AVM-tagged images and counting)

- Render uncompressed dome master frame sequences, production of Fulldome masters at up to 8k resolution







 Highly detailed models of the planets, the Earth and Earth's moon


earth surface



Continue your immersive fulldome journey into the human body 

Using medical accurate anatomy models, your students will be able to get inside the macro and micro world of Biology.

A variety of packages available - from molecules to the entire human body!

human heart








Display highly detailed 3D models of the International Space Station and the Gemini Observatory, or import your own 3D models


Simple to use interface:

 Powerful zoom

 Time control

 Multilingual interface

 Fisheye customized projection for planetarium domes

 Equatorial and azimuthal grids

 'Real-sky' technology

 Support for Earth based visualization as well as sky based visualization

 Eclipse simulations

 Ability to navigate seamlessly through 3D spherical environments such as the Sky, earth and Planets

 Premium highly detailed sky, earth and planet database

 Ability to view, create and edit your own planetarium shows: Full-dome tour authoring, with Fulldome playback with overlays & images

 Prepare and print three-dimensional terrain with 3D Printing Support

 3D Solar System view with moon orbits, asteroids and more!



The atmospheric and lighting controls assist you to visualize Earth and other planets more realistically.


And even cut the Earth and peer into it's core!

earth core 










Observe amazing Panoramas, which are wrap-around images taken from the surface of Earth, Mars, and the Moon.



 Print 3D models from Solar System bodies to the space station- great aid for visually impaired planetarium visitors!

 Export STL











powerful education tools


Educator's Tour

Powerful scripting technology which include audio narrations. This allows users to create their own prerecorded planetarium shows. 

The Astronomy visualization software gives our users the ability to use hundreds of shows, from a variety of learning fields, while achieving thier local curriculum & STEM goals.


Ready made shows: you can use the software in order to download, create and present shows that are timed to music and to pre-recorded or live narration. Just push a button and the show runs.

Pre-rendered movie for playback and distribution: the application can directly render uncompressed dome master frame sequences, at up to 8k resolution. Planetarium operators can use this amazing capability to render an entire full-dome movie. The movie can be then loaded and presented by using any Emerald planetarium system. You could package this movie for distribution as a pre-rendered show or as a ready made show.






XBOX control



The planetarium can be also controlled by Kinect on Windows

(XBOX/Kinect is being sold separately)




Main specs


- Powerful scripting feature which includes audio narrations and allows users to create their own prerecorded planetarium shows

- Access to hundreds of terabytes of sky, earth and planet data

- Ability to navigate seamlessly through 3D spherical environments

- Finder Scope to quickly identify astronomical objects

- Instant thumbnail previews of tens of thousands of popular astronomical objects

- Loading tours, images and other astronomical data files on local machine

- Real-time positions of planets and moons

- Move forwards and backwards in time 2000 years

- Ability to change viewing location

- 3D Solar System View

- View the orbits of hundreds of moons in the Solar System

- View asteroids and minor planets in 3D

- 3D navigation of stars, Milky Way and cosmos

- Easy image alignment for user-imported images

- Ability to author/edit guided tours

- Touch controls enable touch-screen or mouse only navigation

- XBOX controller/3D connection

- Add-in for Excel (import and visualize spreadsheet event data)

- Render frames in Dome Master (up to 8k)

And more...







Astronomy simulation software

also included* with the Emerald projectors

An optimized fulldome version of the Stellarium software enable the user to present reach astronomical fulldome content. This is a great tool for educators who wish to present the night sky and folklore tales to their audience.



The following features can be projected separately or in combination with each other:

planetarium software

 • Local meridian
 • Ecliptic line with months in the sections where sun passes each month
 • Celestial Equator line with ticks each 1 hour
 • Celestial tropic lines
 • Equatorial grid
 • Azimuth grid

• Constellaton lines
 • Constellation borders
 • Constellation names
 • Constellations drawings - with cultural emphasizes
 • Cardinal points
 • Ground landscape all around the horizon line
 • Atmosphere
 • Planet location and names
 • Nebulae location and names
 • Main stars names
 • Planets and Moon orbits lines - And more...









emerald lite


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About the Bareket observatory - the homebase of Emerald planetariums:












*Software: Stellarium is being offered for free (we are not selling it). For non-commercial or education use only. For profit use by commercial entities is not allowed by the general license, and would require a different license terms. Please contact the software developers for legal options. 

*'Professional edition Included with no additional cost' : make sure to check the product pages for specific details regarding the included software with each model..


§  Ability to navigate seamlessly through 3D spherical environments such as the Sky, earth and Planets

§  Access to hundreds of terabytes of sky, earth and planet data

§  Ability to view, create and edit guided tours

§  3D Solar System view with moon orbits, asteroids and more!